No Recycling Payments

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As per the current revisions to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Recycling Payments have been omitted from the scheme. This will result in an increased financial burden for participants, since the cost of buying allowances can not be offset through payback for good performance.

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is intended to be cost neutral, that is: all money received through the sale of Carbon Allowances is intended to be paid back to the participating organisations, with a bonus or penalty depending league table position.

The league table position of an organisation is determined by the relative performance in comparison to the footprint year.

The maximum bonus/penalty will apply to the top/bottom placed participant, and has been defined for the first 5 year: starting at +/- 10% at year 1 and increasing to +/- 50% at year 5. The maximum bonus/penalty for later years has not yet been set.

In effect, the low maximum bonus/penalty during the first year means that no less than 90% of the sum deposited in April 2011 – and potentially up to 110% - will be returned in Oct 2012.