Performance Rating

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Absolute Metric

The relevant performance for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is the Absolute Metric: the percentage change of carbon emissions against the rolling average of the 5 preceding years – relative to the performance of other participants, e.g. if your reduction lies below the average reduction of all participants, then your organisation will find itself in the lower part of the league table.

Early Action Metric

Since the rolling average is not known at the beginning of the scheme, a different metric is applied during the introductory phase, and less than 5 years are used for the average at the beginning of phase 2. The performance criteria for the Early action metric are:

  • Additional coverage of supplies with voluntary automatic metering during the first year only of the scheme (April 2010–March 2011), in percent. The value of the first year will be applied for the following years.
  • Coverage of C02 emissions by Carbon Trust Standard or equivalent schemes at the end of each reporting year, in percent.

Both of these performance parameters are weighted at 50%.

To balance the impact of changes in an organisation's turnover on its carbon emissions, a separate Growth Metric can be applied.