Express Report

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The Express Report provides you with a concise assessment of your estate, complete with performance rating and suggestions on efficient environmental improvements.

Depending on the availability of metering data and the possibility to organise a site meeting at short notice, this assessment can be carried out within as little as two to four weeks.

The Express Report

A concise report, containing both high level summaries and substantiating data:
  • Highlighting of prime targets of improvement for:
    • Plant and services
    • Building usage
      For example with regard to the distribution of functions or, in an NHS context, models of care.
  • Energy rating of the individual buildings of the estate:
    • Energy performance against benchmark
    • Relative cost and potential of improvement
  • Overall strategic considerations

The Analysis Process

Through a brief desktop preparation phase and a site visit we will perform:
  • Benchmarking of buildings against internal database and industry standards
  • Functional analysis to determine usage profiles
  • Review of services and plant provisions

What we need from you

To allow a fast and efficient assessment process, we will need:
  • Table of building size, age and use
  • Energy consumption information
    While the provision of detailed information will increase the accuracy of the results of the study, we will - based on our benchmarking database and experience in the sectors - be able to provide useful information even from limited data.